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Church Bells

1995 marked the centenary of the installation of the chime clock and bells, which were made by Mr Smith of Derby at a cost of £600. At the time three old bells were replaced, one of which bore an inscription no-one was able to decipher. The old bells were recast and the dedication was made by the Archbishop of York in 1895.

The new chime clock was rightly considered a "magnificent piece of work" by a local journalist of the time. The clock not only strikes the hours but also chimes the quarters with Cambridge chimes, and has a carillon attached, chiming eight times a day, and having a different tune for each day of the week:

Sunday.. ........ .."Pilgrims"
Monday ......... ..." March from 'Scipio"'
Tuesday.. ....... ." Aurelia"
Wednesday.. . ." Abide with Me"
Thursday ....... .." 0 rest in the Lord"
Friday.. ............ ." Drink to me only"
Saturday.. ....... ." Home Sweet Home"