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Hooton Pagnell Hall

Hall Main Gate

The present house is largely 14th century. It can be assumed that before that the building was mainly of timber. In Elizabethan times it was given five gables, the remains of which can be seen on the west side of the house. However, Sir Patience Warde removed the gables and put in square windows. He had the housed plastered and built on the long wing which runs from the front door eastwards towards the stableyard.

In 1787 the bow windows facing onto the lawn were added by the first St Andrew Warde. The original architecture was discovered by Mrs Warde Aldam in 1880.

She pulled off a loose piece of plaster and disclosed the mouldings and tracery of the old windows. The plaster was removed and the original windows exposed. In 1884 Mrs Warde Aldam restored the house to its Elizabethan grandeur.