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All Saints Primary School

All Saints Church of England Primary School is a Church of England Voluntary aided primary school in the Diocese of Sheffield and is maintained by Doncaster Local Education Authority.

The school provides a distinctively Christian education for children aged 4+ to 11+ year.

Historically, Anglican schools were parish schools providing education for the community in accordance with the principles of the Church of England. Thus the majority of Sheffield Diocesan schools were established to provide education for the children of the parish within a Christian context. This two-fold aim of being “distinctively Christian” and “serving the local community” are reflected in the school’s admission criteria.

The school is a Voluntary Aided School in which the Governing Body is the Admission Authority and responsible for admissions. It is guided in that responsibility by the requirements of the law, the school trust deed, by advice from the Diocesan Board of Education and its duty to the community and Common Good.
This policy should be read in conjunction with the booklet “Admission to Primary Education”, published by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.

The admission number for this year is 10 and all children will be admitted during the Autumn Term prior to their 5th birthday.

The date of admission to the school for 2009/2010 will be September 2009.

History of the School

The present school was officially opened in 1970, but this, of course, was only the latest chapter in the history of education in the village.

A census of 1822 lists among the residents of Hooton Pagnell a Richard Fish, grocer and school master. Richard appears again in the census of 1841. Possibly Richard Fish taught his pupils in a small building in the garden of Yew Tree Cottage on Clayton Lane.

We do know that he received the interest on £20 per annum, bequeathed by Henry Worrill in 1782, and the use of the school, in order to educate six poor children. Here the children would pay one penny a week to be taught the three R's. Richard Fish died in 1858, eight years before the "old" school was built on the Twitchell. (Now School House)

School Sign

School Contact Details:

All Saints C of E Primary School
Hooton Pagnell
South Yorkshire

Head Teacher
Mrs J E Gillard

Telephone: 01977 642054